GSMH Service Unit 738 - Columbia, MO

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Website Membership Approval Process

If you are like most of our new members, you have started on a journey as a Girl Scout Troop Leader. You are already busy and possibly overwhelmed, so let's try to make this part easy.

Who can be a member of this website?

First, you should be part of the Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland Service Unit 738 (Columbia, MO).

Now, if you are part of our Service Unit, your account request will be approved if you are a:

  • Troop Leader (full access)
  • Troop Assistant Leader (full access)
  • Cookie Mom (full access once verified by Troop Leader)
  • Fall Product Mom (full access once verified by Troop Leader)
  • Adult volunteer who helps with troop (possibly full access once verified by Troop Leader)
  • Other non-troop related individuals, however their access will be limited.

How long does it take for my account to be approved for full membership, so I can see everything?
It really depends on you. There are a few steps to complete before we are able to give you a full Membership. Follow these steps and it won't take long at all:
  1. Register for an account. 
  2. Email [email protected] and tell us you registered and your affiliation. (Unfortunately, the website does not tell administrators when a new account is registered. I know, it doesn't make sense to me either.)
  3. We will approve the registration and you will receive an email. 
  4. Sign in and complete your profile questions. <-- This is the one that many forget to do.
    • What is your affiliation with Columbia Girl Scouts? (Troop Leader, Adult member, Parent, Girl Scout, Other)
    • What Troop(s) are you affiliated with? (Enter all the appropriate Troop Numbers)
    • Do you have any special skills that would be useful for the service unit to know about? (optional)
  5. Once you have completed your profile, email [email protected] and tell us you have done so. (Again, the site doesn't do this. We know it doesn't make sense.)
  6. We will grant your Membership level based upon the answers to your profile questions.  If you are a full Member, then you will be able to see anything you like and communicate with other leaders.

I signed up and it says my Membership is Pending Approval?
See step 2 above.

I received the email saying my account is approved, but I can't access certain pages.
See step 4 above.

What do you mean by "limited access"?
We have two different levels of Membership for the website. You will be granted either a limited membership or full membership. Limited members can not see all the pages on the website. This is for the protection of our girls.